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Progress Report: June

Check back monthly for updates

So far production has been flowing smoothly, with the occasional hiccup up or two along the way, which is to be expected. In addition to constant research, we've been focusing on gathering B-roll and drone footage of the neighborhood itself and covering events in and around the Historic Westside.

***Unfortunately we were not able to meet the financial demands of our original intended music supervisor, Josh Stevens. We are in discussions with another local, accomplished, multi instrumentalist named Phillip Henry, who has agreed to our budget. The commission will be informed when and if a contract agreement is made.

Team Updates

We've been assembling an incredible team to bring this project to life. Members are selected by the quality of their work, passion  for Las Vegas history and their ability to understand the importance of this project.

Dewey Cooper

Executive Producer

Dewey "The Black Kobra" Cooper is a former world champion boxer/kickboxer who now trains some of the biggest names in boxing/MMA. Originally from Los Angeles, he moved to Las Vegas as a kid and graduated from L.V.H.S. He has recently joined the crew as an executive producer.

Soni Brown


Soni Brown is a freelance journalist focused on sociopolitical news features, food, and travel. She starting writing at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York while studying culinary arts. She later earned a journalism degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She will be crafting the words for our narrator.

Sean Carter

CGI/3D Animation

Sean Carter is an aspiring filmmaker who discovered 3D animation while serving in the Marines, as it was part of his job detail. His love for science fiction led him to pursue 3D animation and CGI beyond his stay in the military. He is currently constructing the hyper-real recreation of the original Moulin Rouge.


We take each interview very seriously. Our process starts with extensive research on each individual. This is followed by a pre-interview call between the subject and one of the producers and from there we design the appropriate questions and set up a time to shoot.  Check each month to see the latest and upcoming interview subjects.

John Crear Jr.

John Crear Jr. is the oldest son of the late Dr. John Crear and older brother of the Centennial Commisions own, Councilman Cedric Crear. On a recent trip to Vegas he sat down with us to discuss early memories of coming to Vegas for the first time as a youth, his father's legacy and his time as an activist in the early 1970's.

Gene "Poopooman" Anderson

Gene Anderson is EVERY bit as animated as he appears above. He sat down to tell us about arriving in Las Vegas in the mid 1960's at the request of boxing legend, Sonny Liston, who was a staple in the Historic Westside and how a chance encounter with Sammy Davis Jr. led to career as a Vegas performer.

Skip Trenier

Skip Trenier is the last surviving member of "The Fabolous Treniers". They are largely credited with helping to invent Rock & Roll itself and were one of the first premiere black acts on the Las Vegas strip. Skip shared some awesome memories of their time as performers here.

Sonny Charles

Sonny Charles of The Checkmates LTD invited us to his Henderson home to share his experiences of growing up in the south from a sharecropping family and how he and a few friends eventually started one of America's first racially integrated musical acts. They would go on to become one of Las Vegas' most popular, must-see attractions.

Project Deck

Below is the project deck pdf presentation. This is sent to interviewees and potential partners to give them a better understanding of the film. The pages can be turned by clicking the arrows to the left and the right.

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