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June Update

One of the things we're most excited about for this film is the ability to realistically recreate the iconic Moulin Rouge. What you see above are just basic, 3D architectural renderings of the original site. When complete, the audience will be treated to a full color, hyper-real replica of the original site and be taken back to opening night, 1955. Anna Bailey will be consulting for aesthetic authenticity.

July Update

We are almost finished with the night time renderings of the Moulin Rouge. A lot of painstaking research has gone into recreating every detail, from the textures, lights colors etc. Incredibly, there is no actual video of the Moulin Rouge in her heyday so we've relied solely upon existing pictures. We will ultimately be adding 1955 vehicles and actual people dressed in era appropriate attire to replicate a hyper-realistic return to opening night. Our following step will be to recreate parts of  the interior  to complete the historical experience.

August Update

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